3 Typical Scams Of Dishonest Casino Gamers Commit

3 Typical Scams Dishonest Digital Casino Gamers Commit

You may have heard of scams committed by online gaming portals' administrators. These shady operators of online casinos desire to get as much cash as possible from their unsuspecting online casino gamers. But are you aware that digital casino gamers also perform fraudulent maneuverings? Their common aim is quite similar to that of unscrupulous digital casino operators.

In this online discussion, you will discover how digital casino gamers can be scammers themselves. Learning about their tactics will allow you to understand how they could end up under investigation or, worse, even get subjected to litigation.

3 Common Online Fraudulent Activities of Dishonest Casino Gamers

Scam fraud activities

In 2010, the online gambling sector generated almost $30 billion in revenues. Four years before that time, e-punters' gave figures and found their predictions dwarfed because these approximations were small, and the 2010 numbers were almost twofold of them. As of 2020, online gambling revenues are even higher.

With this reality, it is common for cybercriminals and fraudsters to take advantage of the highly lucrative online gaming system. Digital casino gamers can also commit scams to outsmart the online gambling sites' operators and illegally obtain their sizable piece of the pie. Here are three kinds of frauds corrupt digital casino players stage:

  1. Collusion

Scam collusion

This kind of scam features two or more online casino gamers collaborating to manipulate the outcome of their games. Online players guilty of collusion aim to walk away with substantial cash prizes.

They may create multiple accounts to achieve their desired results. They can even perform self-collusion by registering for two or more accounts.

Then, they will utilize one account to get defeated by another. Colluding e-gamblers typically do collusion in online poker and its tournaments, blackjack, and other card games.

  1. Chip Dumping

This kind of fraud involves criminal elements that receive large amounts of cash from their illegal ventures. Depositing that large sums of money could surely raise suspicion in the bank. Therefore, these felons would typically hire an individual to engage in digital casino gaming against another online gamer, with the former losing to the latter. The winning online casino player then cashes out and makes money appear that he legally earned it.

  1. Bonus Abuse

Scam bonuses

Plenty of online casinos offer various kinds of bonuses. They aim to entice more customers and keep their loyal clients. The additional cash prizes come in the form of referral bonuses, sign-up bonuses, and bonuses to attract online casino gamers back to the portal or for frequent players. With these features of online casinos, shady digital casino gamers commit bonus abuse by signing up for multiple accounts. In this way, they can receive numerous bonuses. But they typically still need to wager the bonus amount a specific number of times once they get the reward. In this manner, they will be able to withdraw the extra prize money.

These three common kinds of digital gambling frauds that dishonest casino gamers commit are just some of the many other types of scams. It is, indeed, rewarding to win real cash prizes when playing in online casinos. But it would be best if you also keep in mind that it is better to be honest in your games instead of walking away with substantial cash prizes only to find yourself in handcuffs eventually.

Now that you know what are the common fraud activities use by dishonest casino gamers! Our next article is about exposing dishonest casino companies, Learn more now!